The Tale of Thanksgiving 2013

As I am late in doing everything, here is my tale of Thanksgiving week… a month and a half after Thanksgiving. This is more for my own recollection as the only person who reads this is future me. Enjoy reminiscing your good old days future me. 

Thanksgiving 2013:

  • Monday night we, we as in Priyanka, Niki, Nikitha, Anwesh, and I, went to Albatross for Nikitha’s birthday. It was a chill evening that consisted of me winning Cards Against Humanity (finally) and spinning around on barstools. 
  • Trashy Tuesday: another typical Pappys nights were I held vamsi back after nikitha punched him, went to kips, took anwesh home cause the boy got too fucked up on his birthday, went to Channing house and had the realization once again that I am too old for this college shit as I laid on the mattress with vamsi and aak looking for aliens, ate artichoke’s pizza at some point and force fed Sudi to finish the rest, and ran home cause I didn’t want Niki to stop me as she usually does.
  • Saw Addie on Wednesday and hung out with her for the few hours I was able to before having to drive home. Drove anwesh home where I told him the life of an innocent nerd growing up in a town full of cholos and rich kids with nothing to do but drugs.
  • Drove home for the first time, new favorite thing to do by the way (a month and a half after this occurred, I have realized that this is not my new favorite thing at all), driving alone on the freeway with music blasting.
  • Caught up with Hina Mami and shopped till the wee hours of the morning where we raided Macy’s, needed an escort service out of the store and couldn’t even fit everything in the car on Black Friday.
  • Confused furniture shopping for the house. I thought it would actually be fun shopping for the new house. Wrong. It’s not when you’re parents are the most indecisive people you know. We’ll probably never move into the house. (This is true. A month and a half later, we are still no where near ready to move into the house) It’s ok though, apparently I won’t even have a room, just gonna sleep in the guest bedroom so it’s not even like it matters!
  • Reminded of the love my momma has for me and so incredibly grateful for all she does. I don’t even know where she gets the energy to do all that she does.
  • Got dinner with some high school friends. Realized how much I’ve changed and how much I’m slowly on the way to becoming the person I’ve always wanted to. Also realized it’s gonna be a long winter break as Salinas nightlife can be summed up to BJs. That’s it. That’s all there is. (It has been a long winter break. I’m saying this and I’ve only spent three days here so far. Someone help me)
  • Celebrated Hina Mami’s birthday with some fruit tart and a gift for her. So lucky to have a second mamma who I can talk so openly with.
  • Drove up to Cupertino to explore all that downtown San Jose has to offer. Started the night off with some water bottles of smirnoff green apple so of course I don’t remember much from the night. Do remember telling Varun all about my study for thirty minutes. I have no idea how he feigned interest for that long. Went to some bars, chatted to a cute South African guy whose accent I guessed correctly. Stood outside of a strip club where aak got kicked out for telling strippers they were too beautiful and smart to strip… drunk mother teresa at it again. “Sober” sudi had us walking in circles, aak and I bonded in a bathroom instead of hanging out with everyone in the club, got kicked out of some other bars and criticized by the bouncer at the taqueria. So all in all, we were the same shit show we usually are at pappys, except this time it was in san jose. Thankfully we ended up aak’s and nothing and nobody were lost, success!
  • Drove up to berkeley hungover and spent the day watching scandal… not such a success. 
"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one."

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Ahh, what great advice. Except for that fact that I was too hungover on Jan. 1st, too daunted by the thought of putting on real pants to leave the house on Jan. 2nd, and too frustrated to do much of anything on Jan. 3rd. Oh well, you know what they almost say, fourth time is the charm! 2014, you’re gonna be the year of change. I can feel it. 

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It’s marble! Fucking marble! The talent of the artists during the Renaissance era is overwhelmingly breathtaking sometimes. And other times it creeps the fuck out of me with all the angry Jesuses and plumply little cupids. 


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This time last week we snuck into Disneyland for $2. My ratchet ass can’t help but think I could have gone to Disneyland with that money when buying anything over $2 now.

This time last week we snuck into Disneyland for $2. My ratchet ass can’t help but think I could have gone to Disneyland with that money when buying anything over $2 now.